Gran Canaria, INFECAR
January 10-11, 2017

Liberland Investment Conference

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Vít Jedlička

Alexander Borodich

Thomas D. Walls

Jan Purkrabek

Tomaž Slivnik

Miroslav Šperka

Michal Jelinek

Niklas Nikolajsen

Thierry Andre Laurent-pellet

Lukáš Vopasek

Jan Brejcha

Louis Margot-Duclot

Deane Thomas

Dejan Strbad

Brad Chun

Manuel Lains

Christian Lains

Ivar Duserud

Thor-Harald Johannsen

Pål Taule Brentebråten

Jan Olav Solli

Thomas Gramstad

Marin Bek

Susan Poole

About the Conference

Gran Canaria

About the conference

  • Liberland ICO, DAO and Cryptocurrency
  • Crowd Investing platform and Venture Fund
  • Smart contracts and legal system on blockchain
  • Company registry and company shares on blockchain
  • New territories for Liberland
  • Liberland on Water


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Representatives of the press are welcome. We are happy to host you at the conference and to help organize your accommodation.

For more information please contact