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| Boguslaw Wozniak
Boguslav Wozniak is a prominent advocate and strong supporter of Liberland since the
beginning. He is an entrepreneur and investor with 35 years of experience in many fields
including foreign trade, market trade, logistics, transportation safety and produce. For
many years he has held leading positions in several American and Polish corporations.
Currently, as a co-founder of SLT, he is working on international recognition of The Free
Republic Of Liberland. He is also involved in New U Products and the Balldur Project.
| Pierre-Louis Boitel
After studying civil engineering in Paris, and later psychology and management at the
University of Sorbonne. He subsequently turned to the study of epistemology and po-
litical philosophy and economics, analyzing the thinking of the major representatives
of these sectors.
Before becoming vice president of Liberland he was official representative of the Free
Republic of Liberland in France.

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