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           TO GUATEMALA | DECEMBER 2016

   (from left) David Molineaux - US representative, Thomas Walls - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. President Vít Jedlička in Guatemala

In December of 2016, President Jedlička and a committee of Liberland’s Diplomatic Corps travelled to Gua-
temala City to meet with business and education leaders in Guatemala as well as with a prominent member
of Guatemala’s Congress and officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These meetings were a historic
milestone for Liberland, as they were a further step into the realm of international relations.
In addition to President Jedlička, Liberland’s delegation included: Vice President Boguslaw Wosniak, Foreign
Minister Thomas D. Walls, Minister of Protocol Dr. Tariq Abassi and representatives from Liberland offices
in the United States, Brazil, Venezuela and Poland.
The meetings were both informative and productive. They laid the foundations toward formal relations with
Guatemala and opened doors for our introduction to other states in the region.
The Liberland team in Guatemala was also privileged to accept an invitation to the Universidad Francisco
Marroquín, arguably the foremost libertarian institution of higher learning in the world. The team enjoyed
a personal tour of the campus and its impressive collections and museums by the Rector, Prevost and
Director of Public Relations. The university faculty is also interested in working with Liberland citizens in
establishing a collegiate program specifically tailored toward Liberland citizens and e-residents.
It was also at the Francisco Marroquín University that we had the pleasure of meeting with a prominent
member of the European Parliament, The Honorable Daniel Hannan. A lifelong champion of individual
liberty and self-determination, Mr. Hannan offered his support for the Liberland and we were pleased to
discover he was already a big fan. As an architect of the British referendum on the exit from the European
Union and proponent for the ideals espoused in our Constitution, we are fortunate to have the endorsement.

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